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Moonshine Original Sweet Tea

Moonshine Sweet Tea started in 1946 out in the Texas Hill Country, in the small town of Mason, Texas, by Leo Cobb Porter: the great grand-dad of Joele Porter. Moonshine’s style of bold sweet tea uses the same secret family recipe that Leo Cobb Porter perfected in his own home, almost 70 years ago.

Moonshine is Sweet Texas Tea, Pure and Simple: crafted with hand-picked black tea leaves, clean filtered water and 100% pure cane sugar. One glass of Moonshine Sweet Tea contains almost half the sugar than your average a carbonated soda. If you already drink it, you know how good it is. If you haven’t had it, please try it. This is tea the way it should be.

In the Heart of Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas based Moonshine Sweet Tea has been brewing the finest sweet tea in the state for more than seven decades. The mission to make a much sweeter and more robust tea started with late night brewing, earning this “outlaw brew” its name way back then.

Today Moonshine is still brewed, one kettle at a time giving it the highest quality and best taste. The only ingredients are hand-picked black tea leaves, clean filtered water and 100% cane sugar. Nothing else. Founder Leo Cobb Porter’s great grandson still puts his seal of approval on every batch of this non-alcoholic Moonshine. You’ll taste the difference.


Moonshine is Pure

Black Tea Leaves

A type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, green and white teas. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor than the less oxidized teas, which is why it is the only choice for Moonshine. While green tea usually loses its flavor within a year, black tea retains its flavor for several years giving Moonshine that hardy tea taste.

All Natural Ingredients

You can’t get more natural than the sweet trifecta of handpicked black tea leaves, crisp filtered water and pure cane sugar.

Gluten Free

Not one of our beverages contains a lick of gluten in them. Drink Moonshine Sweet Tea without a care in the world.

Pure Cane Sugar

Sugar which has been produced from sugar cane, as opposed to sugar which has been produced from sugar beets or a mixture of beet and cane sugar. It is processed by crushing the cane so that it releases its sweet juices, and then evaporating the juices to create a concentrated crumble. We believe that cane sugar is of higher quality than other sugars, adding a sweetness that you’ll only find in Moonshine.

Fair Trade

We play fair. We pride ourselves on taking an ethical and responsible approach to creating the best Texas sweet tea you’ll find around these hills.

Non-GMO Friendly

Just say no to GMOs—at least we do. All of our flavors are carefully made without the use of GMOs.

Filtered Water

All filtered waters are not equal. Just taste a few and you’ll see what we mean. At Moonshine, we start with the purest, cleanest water we can find before we brew our tea. This ensures that the energy from the heating process is spent mixing the ingredients rather than cleaning the water. You can tell our water standards the minute Moonshine hits your lips.

Go Texan

We love to call Texas home. We’re Texas born and Texas brewed 70 years in the making.


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